Charges dropped after video evidence tells a different story of alleged kidnapping, sex assault

Video evidence prompted reversal in high profile kidnapping, sex assault case of Japanese tourist

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A couple accused of holding a visitor from Japan hostage, beating and repeatedly raping her have now taken plea deals that will set them free.

Darrell and Nagisa Dorch were charged with a long list of crimes including kidnapping, and multiple counts of sex assault for the May 1, 2019 allegations.

Darrell Dorch and Nagisa Dorch Mugshots
Darrell Dorch and Nagisa Dorch Mugshots (Source: Honolulu Police Dept.)

But Darrell Dorch’s attorney, Michael Green, says cell phone video showing the three having consensual sex is what prompted the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office to offer a plea deal.

“Lied completely about everything," Green said about the woman we are calling Jane Doe.

Other video evidence includes surveillance from the Waikiki hotel which shows the two women about 3 p.m. walking past the laundry room. They can be seen laughing. Then video from inside the elevator shows them holding drinks while going up to the Dorch room.

Nagisa Dorch and her accuser on hotel surveillance
Nagisa Dorch and her accuser on hotel surveillance (Source: Surveillance from the Outrigger Main Waikiki)

Jane Doe told Honolulu Police hours later that she was forced to perform sex acts and was assaulted.

Court documents say Darrell Dorch punched her repeatedly when she resisted and that she “attempted to leave on four separate occasions" but that Dorch would stop her escape. She said she was only able to get away hours later because “Dorch stepped out onto the balcony” and his wife helped her. She also said she had to run back to her hotel to call HPD.

But the surveillance videos from the elevator taken about 5:47 p.m. shows Dorch leaving to get drinks and snacks. He is gone for about 13 minutes, Green says that was a time Jane Doe could have escaped.

Darrell Dorch speaks with other hotel guests in the elevator about 5:45 p.m. as he was going to get snacks
Darrell Dorch speaks with other hotel guests in the elevator about 5:45 p.m. as he was going to get snacks (Source: Surveillance from the Outrigger Main Waikiki)

The same camera in the elevator catches Jane Doe leaving at about 7:45 p.m. she isn’t seen running to get away and video from the lobby shows her strolling through.

Green says Dorch repeatedly said his cell phone video would hold the evidence of the consensual sexual encounter, but he wasn’t allowed access to the phone until months later.

“Dorch is brought over from OCCC and the prosecutor there, she turned ashen, she was speechless,” Green said it showed the women together then Dorch joining them, “It’s an x-rated video if they want to sell it.”

Shortly after the cell phone was accessed, the prosecutor offered to drop all the charges but one, second degree sex assault. Green says that was because one clip on the cell video shows Jane Doe so intoxicated, a jury might decide she was no longer giving consent.

Darrell Dorch took the deal instead of risking trial. He will be sentenced on March 12 to one year and will get credit for time served. But the felony conviction and sex offender registration will mean he can no longer visit his wife in Japan.

Nagisa Dorch pleaded no contest to an accomplice charge and was given time served. Last month she was allowed to return home to Japan but because of her felony conviction, she cannot visit her husband in the U.S. Green says it’s possible they will never see each other again.

The case got national and international attention when the allegations were made and Green says it made Waikiki - Hawaii’s crown jewel - seem unsafe he wants the prosecutor’s office to go after Jane Doe for making false statements to police.

“The reason she did it, as I see, was her ex-fiancee traveled here with her and some friends and said where have you been all day? Where have you been?”

Brooks Baehr, spokesman for the Honolulu prosecutor’s office, told Hawaii News Now that they made the plea agreement with (Jane Does’) consent and in her best interest. A subsequent statement Baehr sent says have no reason to believe (Jane Doe) has been anything but truthful or that she was compromised by evidence. Baehr points out the defendant’s no contest plea saying he chose not to challenge the charges.

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