For kids all over, this ‘Honest Abe’ has been a history lesson come to life

He cannot tell a lie, but he’s happy to weave a tale about America’s 16th president

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - With his beard, black overcoat and stove pipe hat, Homer Sewell is a dead ringer for America’s 16th president.

The Georgia man travels the U.S. telling school kids about Abraham Lincoln.

He's a serious student of Lincoln's legacy.

"I've got at last count a couple hundred books in my library on Lincoln and the Civil War and I'm still trying to through them all," he said.

Sewell started doing Lincoln presentations in Florida in 1975, answering a radio ad that called for lecturers to go into schools. His facial features bear a striking resemblance to “Honest Abe.”

"The kids started calling me Abe and I started studying and now the rest is history," he said.

Sewell has presented Lincoln lectures over 2,200 times in all 50 states. His presentations are interactions with the audience and he uses stories that bring Lincoln to life.

On Monday, he was at Ho’ala School in Wahiawa.

“I was just staring at him, like, wait, is this him? Is this really him?” eighth-grader Amari Murray said.

"I think he's amazing! It's really hard to not think of him as really being Abraham Lincoln," head of school Phyllis Norton said.

Along with other Lincoln lookalikes, Sewell’s a member of the nationwide Association of Lincoln Presenters.

"There are over a hundred people all over the country trying to look like me. That's my favorite line," he joked.

During his appearances, he leads youth in a pledge to say no to drugs, alcohol, violence and bullying.

He enjoys what he does.

"Is the world a better place because we're each here trying to make a difference in somebody's lives? I hope so. I try and do what I can," he said.

Sewell is a retired retail manager.

He’s 76 and for 44 of those years he’s been a history lesson come to life.

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