City replacing outdoor lights at Ala Moana Park with LEDs

City replacing outdoor lights at Ala Moana Park with LEDs
The city is replacing lights at Ala Moana Park with LEDs. (Source: City and County of Honolulu)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The city has kicked off a $1.25 million project to convert the exterior lights at Ala Moana Park to energy-saving LEDs.

As part of the project, which will wrap up this summer, crews will replace 570 lights around the park.

The city said the LED lights will use 60% less energy and save $80,000 in electricity costs annually.

The conversion project is part of an islandwide initiative to switch out older lights with LEDs. As of October, the city has converted 53,000 street lights around the island.

Ala Moana Park will be the first city park to have all LED exterior lights.

“The rapid construction of our 53,000 street lights over the past couple of years has incentivized us to take the next phase into our parks, starting with Ala Moana Regional Park, the state’s most heavily used park.” said Mayor Kirk Caldwell, in a news release.

“As we continue to focus on ways to use energy more efficiently and integrate more sustainable practices across the island, it makes sense for our parks and natural areas to be part of the solution as they are ground zero for experiencing the impacts of the climate crisis."

The city said the Ala Moana conversion project will be conducted at night to minimize the impact on the community.

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