After losing 2 of their own, officers honor the fallen by ‘doing our job’

After losing 2 of their own, officers honor the fallen by ‘doing our job’
For many in the law enforcement community coping with the trauma of Sunday's events is uncharted territory.

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - For many in the law enforcement community, coping with the trauma of Sunday’s violent rampage in Diamond Head is uncharted territory.

In minutes, the actions of a madman forever altered countless lives ― robbing officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama of their futures and stealing them from their families.

The pain and grief are raw: A feeling that’s ripped through the community and the ranks at HPD.

“There were a lot of heroes that day. After hearing the stories of what they went through, I applaud them for what they did,” said Sgt. Malcom Lutu.

Chaplains along with HPD’s peer support team have been working around the clock providing comfort and compassion.

“There are some of them (officers) just walking around asking, questioning why. Why us? Why is this going on? And we have no answer,” said SHOPO Secretary Don Faumuina.

While counselors are on hand for anyone needing to talk, veteran officers say it’s the community that’s playing a major role in helping them cope.

The outpouring of gratitude from the public is motivation to keep pushing forward.

“For many of our younger officers, this is very new to them,” said Faumuina. “And my advice to them is we honor them by keep doing our job serving the community.”

A community that’s changing.

The head of Hawaii’s law enforcement union says the streets today pose new dangers officers in Hawaii rarely used to face.

“The people out there are forcing us to make decisions we don’t want to make. When it comes to officer involved shootings," Lutu said.

He added it’s reality officers are facing more than ever saying it’s time to take mental health seriously.

“I think it’s the biggest problem to solve,” said Lutu.

SHOPO along with HPD has created the Officer Enriquez and Kalama Memorial Fund.

Donations can be made at any of the three Hawaii Law Enforcement Credit Unions on Young Street, Pearl City and Kapolei.

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