Suspect waged six-year TRO battle with neighbor, accused of making bogus 911 calls

Published: Jan. 20, 2020 at 7:33 PM HST
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The suspect in the deadly rampage was engaged in lengthy legal battles with his neighbors and was being investigated for filing bogus 911 reports against them.

Jerry Hanel was the target a six-year TRO dispute with one of those neighbors -- Warren Daniel -- whose home was destroyed by fire.

Daniel’s attorney said living next door to Hanel was a nightmare -- an experience that even included a prior case of using smoke against his neighbor.

“He built a platform with a barbecue on top of it. He would climb up on the ladder, fill the barbecue with wet leaves and only on days when the wind was blowing towards my clients house ... he’d light it up filling my entire clients house will billowing clouds of smoke," said attorney David Hayakawa.

“It was just a constant stream of harassments."

In another incident, Hanel took a sledgehammer and pounded a pipe into Daniel’s wall. He also built a device that would bang his fence, making loud noises at night.

Hayakawa and others said the harassments became more frequent in recent months and that Hanel started calling police to file bogus complaints against his neighbors.

The police body camera video taken in May shows officers citing Hanel for making one of those alleged false 911 call.

The video also shows Officer Tiffany Enriquez taking part in the call. She was one of the two officers that Hanel shot and killed.

Hayakawa said Hanel was also obsessed with surveillance and had built a complex security camera network. The attorney suspects that Hanel used his security cameras for the last time -- to ambush the officers.

“He was obsessed with surveillance. He would wear a GoPro on his hat or an Apple eye glasses camera. He would walk around and tap it, implying he was videotaping you.”

The attorney said Daniel’s home was gutted and most of his personal belongings were destroyed in the fire.

“There’s a lifetime of memories in that house ... but it’s nothing compared to these families of these officers” are going through, he said.

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