Got potholes? The sooner you complain, the sooner they get fixed, city says

City officials discuss potholes brought on by recent heavy rains

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - With most of the state having received a heavy soaking over the weekend, motorists have spent the last few groaning every time they accidentally drive into a water-filled hole in the ground.

On Monday, city officials asked Oahu residents to do more than complain to whoever might be in the car ― they want you to complain to them, too.

“A lot of times people will drive by the potholes and tell their friends or relatives, but really, the first call should be to the pothole hotline,” said Ross Sasamura, director of the city’s Department of Facility Maintenance.

Crews from Sasamura’s department are charged with patching potholes and repaving Oahu’s roads, and some 13,000 potholes were repaired in 2019.

The method they use to determine which potholes get fixed first isn’t exactly highly scientific.

“Our work orders or our dispatches come directly from the pothole hotline, so it’s important that we get the call as soon as possible, because even waiting a day will mean that other people have gotten their calls in sooner,” Sasamura said.

The hotline to report potholes on Oahu roadways is (808) 768-7777. You can also report potholes through the city’s website.

The department has eight base yards around the island, and each responds to potholes in their geographical areas.

While waiting for potholes to be repaired, the city is asking drivers to be extra cautious when driving through holes in the ground.

“It’s important to be mindful of what could be lying below the potholes you drive through,” Sasamura said. “Be prepared that there is a deep pothole in that puddle you drive through.”

Reports of potholes on state highways and roads can be reported through these numbers:

  • Oahu: 831-6714 or 485-6200 (after hours)
  • Maui: 873-3535
  • Kauai: 241-3000
  • Big Island: 933-8878 or 933-8866

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