‘Disturbing’: Volunteers clean up after Oahu archery range turns into a target

‘Disturbing’: Volunteers clean up after Oahu archery range turns into a target

KAPOLEI, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Police are investigating a burglary and arson case at the Kapolei Archery Range.

The Bushwackers Archery Club operates and helps maintain the city facility which is open to the public on weekends. The 11-acre property is surrounded by a fence, but trespassers still manage to get in.

A volunteer who opened the range on Saturday morning discovered the damage: A couple of areas were set on fire, including the group’s clubhouse.

“I find it very disturbing for this type of activity to be happening on this range,” said club president William Pelayre.

“We had several tables, chairs, wood planking just to keep the dust and the rubbish out.”

Pelayre said that several attempts were made to enter the club’s storage bunker. According to him, access was finally made through a hole cut in a metal roll down door.

"They took some power cords, maybe some small tools. They took several bows which were donated to us for us to use. They took some arrows, too," he said.

The group stopped storing expensive equipment in the bunker after a break-in two years ago.

Back in 2012, vandals trashed the targets, toppled picnic tables and damaged the sign-in area.

"It is very disappointing, really unnecessary," said Pelayre. "We volunteer our time. We're all archers and we just love the sport. We donate our time because we love the sport so much.

The group sponsors tournaments and offers monthly classes.

Pelayre said the range usually welcomes up to 50 people each Saturday and Sunday.

Users are asked for a $1 donation.

“The last time this did happen, fortunately enough, we did get some additional donations,” said board member William Mapakoi. “Now that we’re so far behind, we have a lot to repair and a lot to replace. It’s kind of concerning.”

Honolulu police have classified the case as second-degree burglary and third-degree arson. No one has been arrested.

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