Girlfriend of fugitive killed by police in Kailua claims he wasn’t a threat to officers

Girlfriend of fugitive killed by police said he had issues with drugs — but not violence

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The girlfriend of a fugitive killed by police in Kailua on Monday claims he was not a threat to the officers who were trying to arrest him.

Police said Dallas Pearce, 33, he was resisting arrest and going for a gun.

Pearce failed to return from work furlough on November 19th.

His girlfriend, April Fujihara, said he wanted to spend the holidays with her and turn himself in after his birthday this Sunday.

She said she didn't see what happened when police first surrounded their car.

“The phone rang and it was Dallas and he was like, ‘Babe, they’re here, they’re gonna grab me, they’re gonna shoot me,’” Fujihara said.

Fujihara said she ran out of her house at Aikahi Gardens Monday afternoon to find Pearce struggling with men their car.

“Dallas was in the front seat in the driver’s seat. There was one guy punching him from the driver’s side and then one guy in the car behind him in the backseat trying to grab him,” said Fujihara.

Fujihara said she didn’t know they were plain clothes officers initially.

During the struggle, she said Pearce had somehow made his way to the passenger seat and that’s when she saw him get shot multiple times.

"One of them was in the back, one was in the chest, and one was over here,” she said pointing to her side. “And he was in the car. So, it was close range.”

Fujihara said she knew Pearce kept a gun under his seat, which she thought was a BB gun.

It later proved to be an airsoft pistol.

“I saw him, he had nothing in his hand, he had his phone in his hand. He was calling me," Fujihara said.

At a news conference on Tuesday after the shooting, Deputy Chief John McCarthy said officers were in danger.

"The gun was seen,” McCarthy said. “It was in the possession of Pearce.”

Pearce has prior burglary and felony drug convictions.

“He doesn’t even have any prior violent crimes,” Fujihara said. “He has a drug problem, he’s not violent.”

Fujihara got arrested at the scene that day after interfering with the arrest.

HPD didn't have anything new to add to what they already said in the press conference after the shooting.

They said the investigation is ongoing.

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