GRAPHIC: 2 Oahu women seek to raise awareness after their breast implants go bad

“I know my body so well but I had no idea of the dangers of these ticking time bombs.”
Updated: Dec. 9, 2019 at 7:07 PM HST
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The FDA is pushing for stronger warnings about the risks of breast implants as more women are choosing to have them taken out.

In August, Jayme Newhouse got a letter from Allergan about its recall of textured breast implants because of higher risk of a rare and deadly cancer of the immune system.

She had no symptoms, but decided to have an operation to remove the implants.

"I know my body so well, but I had no idea of the dangers of these ticking time bombs," said Newhouse.

After surgery, she learned both implants had ruptured with yellow silcone inside her breasts. Her doctor told her it was probably ruptured inside of her for months or years.

“It was like oh my gosh,” said Newhouse who keeps the two ruptured implants in zip lock bags.

The FDA is pushing for stronger warnings from manufactures about potential complications from breast implants including including fatigue, joint pain and the possibility of rare cancer.

Abbie Cleek got her implants recently removed as well.

"I had a lot of guilt that I did this to my body," she said.

They're not the recalled type, but she believes they caused her chronic fatigue and pain that left her bedridden.

"It's caused by these implants just taxing my body," she Cleek.

"Health is so much more important than vanity and trust me I get it. I like boobs just as much as the next person," she added.

She joins a growing number of women who believe the implants left them with mysterious illnesses.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Randy Wong, says patients should be sure to work with a board certified plastic surgeon and ask about the options and risks.

"If they do happen to have these (recalled) implants, the FDA and Allergan recommend nothing be done unless the patients have symptoms," he said.

Wong says more women are choosing to take out their implants and many report feeling better and more peace of mind.

"Anecdotally there may be some benefit to considering them having them removed," he said.

Patients with recalled implants are being offered a free pair, but that doesn't cover the thousands of dollars for surgery.

Both Newhouse and Cleek have started a support group to help others.

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