MPD: Don’t fall for calls appearing to be from Maui Police

MPD: Don’t fall for calls appearing to be from Maui Police
Scammers can appear to be calling from a legitimate number in what's known as "spoofing." (Source: HNN)

MAUI, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -The Maui Police Department is warning of another scam going around.

It’s a typical spoofing scam in which a caller appears to be calling from the department’s non-emergency number, 244-6400. Scammers identify themselves as a police officer and provide a name, badge and extension number.

It was reported that the scammers say there is a warrant out for the arrest of the person receiving the call. They then provide accurate addresses, names, emails and other information of the call receiver.

Scammers then direct potential victims to call US Legal Support at 720-316-0033 and that they need to appear in court.

But Maui police say don’t fall for it as the calls aren’t being made by them.

Police want to remind everyone to never divulge personal information over the phone -- even if they provide information that seems legitimate.

“Please obtain as much information as you can regarding the caller including phone number, possible accent, tone and demeanor. Ask questions or ask for proper identification. Request the individual’s name, company name, and phone number,” MPD said.

Suspicious activity can be reported by calling the non-emergency line at 244-6400 or via e-mail at You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by clicking here.

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