Woman sues Chicago bar for negligence after alleged sexual assault

Woman sues Chicago bar over alleged sexual assault

CHICAGO (CNN) - A woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted outside a Chicago nightclub says security guards stood by and watched.

The surveillance video released by her attorneys shows the woman staggering outside the El Hefe bar on the night of Oct. 18.

The man in red shoes is suspected of taking the woman between two dumpsters, where the alleged assault occurred.

The victim's attorney says the two men dressed in black are security guards, who did nothing.

Attorneys for the 23-year old woman, identified only as Jane Doe, are now suing the River North Bar for negligence.

The victim, who was a tourist from Texas visiting Chicago, was taken to Northwestern Hospital after the incident. She showed signs of trauma and evidence was collected with a sexual assault kit.

Her attorneys believe the man in question either works at the El Hefe nightclub or knows someone on staff at the establishment.

On Friday, Doe’s attorneys sought a court order to force El Hefe to turn over surveillance video and any other records from that night.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, they said that upon becoming ill, Jane Doe was escorted to the establishment's back exit by security and a male guest followed her.

The statement claims that El Hefe employees called an ambulance for Doe and security remained with her until she left, alone, in the ambulance.

Chicago police do not have a suspect in custody and the investigation is ongoing.

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