HPD offers safety tips to crackdown on crime this holiday season

HPD offers safety tips to crackdown on crime this holiday season
Prevent crime during the holidays by being aware of your surroundings. (Source: HNN)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -With shoppers out in full force scooping up some holiday deals, Honolulu police are warning people to be extra careful.

Thieves are always on the prowl, especially during the holiday season.

To prevent yourself from being a victim of crime, police are urging vigilance when out and about. They advise removing anything of value from your vehicle before going to the mall.

When possible, park in well-lit areas. Police also say storing things in your trunk may not be a great idea as crooks could be scoping out parking areas for their next target.

“Consider using credit cards as opposed to carrying large amounts of cash. Consider carrying your valuables in your front pocket as opposed to your rear pocket. If you are carrying a purse, we actually recommend that you hold your purse close to you, preferable strapped across your body," Sgt. Chris Kim of CrimesStoppers Honolulu.

Be a good neighbor and keep an eye out for the elderly, who are unfortunately prime targets for thieves.

Drivers are also being reminded to stay alert on the roads.

“I think the most dangerous places are going to be around shopping centers because people are looking for parking, they’re not looking for people crossing the street and people in the crosswalks - they’re going to step off the curbs, they’re going to be using their cell phones, they’re going to be texting,” Maj. Calvin Tong of HPD’s Traffic Division said.

Police will also continue their DUI checkpoints into the holiday season to ensure motorists drive sober and arrive alive.

So far this year, there have been 47 traffic fatalities on Oahu alone, and many more on neighbor islands.

Honolulu Crimestoppers can be reached by calling 955-8300.

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