Hawaii man accused of cyberstalking, terrorizing Utah family for a year is behind bars

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 5:34 PM HST
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Hawaii man accused of terrorizing a Utah family for more than a year is now behind bars.

A federal indictment alleges Loren Okamura harassed the Gilmore family in Utah by sending hundreds of people ― from plumbers to prostitutes ― to their home and sending them ominous messages.

Walt Gilmore said it all started harmlessly enough, with food deliveries showing up at the door.

Then came electricians, plumbers, locksmiths and more. And then people with more unsavory backgrounds started showing, from drug dealers to prostitutes.

At one point, as many as 20 people a day were showing up at his door. Gilmore estimates that since August 2018 some 500 unwanted visitors were called to his home.

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Gilmore said the barrage of visitors was “scary.”

“They’re looking for drugs. Some are prostitutes," he said.

Gilmore also previously said he spotted people taking pictures of his house, looking inside his windows late at night, and sitting in cars parked outside — actions he believes were triggered by the suspect hiring people online from a website that pays people to spy on others.

Gilmore said he is relieved to know that the man police believe is responsible for harassing him for 15 months is finally behind bars.

Okamura was arrested on Friday in Honolulu for cyberstalking, interstate threats, and transporting someone to engage in prostitution. He faces five felonies.

“This is an extreme case. In my career I have not seen a case like this and have not heard of a case that’s this egregious,” North Salt Lake Police Sgt. Mitch Gwilliam said.

Court documents also said Okamura sent an email to the Gilmores saying they should, "sleep with one eye open” and “You should just kill yourself and do your family a favor.”

The federal indictment did not explain why the Gilmores were targeted, but Gilmore said multiple families in his neighborhood are also victims of Okumura’s continual harassment.

Gilmore says he knows why they were targeted but couldn’t disclose those details ahead of the case.

Public records show Okamura recently lived at a home on Kapahulu Avenue. The landlord said he was evicted a few months ago because he didn’t pay rent.

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