Honolulu’s acting prosecutor spends hours testifying in federal probe

Honolulu’s acting prosecutor spends hours testifying in federal probe
Dwight Nadamoto arriving at the federal courthouse (Source: None)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Acting Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Nadamoto walked into the federal courthouse just after one o’clock Thursday afternoon.

Nadamoto was summoned to the grand jury investigating public corruption.

He did not leave until after four o’clock, more than three hours later.

When Hawaii News Now mentioned the lengthy appearance, Nadamoto’s response, “Lots of questions."

He would not detail the questions, refusing to say if they were centered around the Honolulu prosecutor’s office or the prosecutor himself, Keith Kaneshiro.

Kaneshiro has been on paid leave since the beginning of the year when he finally acknowledged that he was a target of the investigation that netted former high ranking deputy prosecutor, Katherine Kealoha and her husband, Louis Kealoha, the ex police chief.

Thursday was Nadamoto’s first grand jury appearance connected to the federal probe. Dozens connected to his office have already been summoned, some, multiple times.

Nadamoto admitted that this won’t be his last time testifying, the feds have already told him he will need to return but Nadamoto wouldn’t say if a date for that next appearance was set.

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