It’s easy to win free gas from Talk Story courtesy of Hele Gas, just look for McKenna Maduli, Pashyn Santos & Zavier Cummings

Sponsored by Hele

It's easy to win free gas from Talk Story courtesy of Hele Gas, just look for McKenna Maduli, Pashyn Santos & Zavier Cummings

Talk Story host McKenna Maduli is hitting the streets of Aiea, giving out free gas cards, and making locals laugh with two of Hawaii social media influencers making waves online, Pashyn Santos and Howdisguy Zavier Cummings.

To find out when and where Talk Story will be giving away free gas again, courtesy of Hele Gas, check @TalkStoryNow.

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About Zavier Cummings:

Zavier Cummings is a local comedian, social influencer, and weather reporter for Aloha News. A year and a half ago Zavier was working as a custodian at a local elementary school on Kaua'i, the island in which he was born and raised. His charisma and passion for making others laugh and smile has allowed him to resign from his custodial position, travel, and connect with amazing individuals who continue to push him towards his dreams. He owes all of his success to his family, friends, and supporters across all social platforms.

About Pashyn Santos:

Pashyn Santos born and raised in Hawaii, also known by her online alias and persona "Local Maddahs" and "Pidgin Siri," is a Hawaiian actress, comedian, and Internet personality.

This Kahuku graduate knew at an early age she was meant to be an entertainer. Though she has always been a performer dancing Tahitian and Hula, she got her start in social media doing spoofs of Jackass on RealPlayer and MySpace in 2003. She still has scars from those videos.

Her first actual comedic video wasn't uploaded to Vine until January 2014. Nearly 15 years later, Pashyn has become a local media star. She has nearly half a million followers on all her social media platforms including Vine, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, reaching millions weekly. And her reach has gone far beyond Hawaii with big audiences in the Philippines, Japan, Tahiti, and New Zealand.

Thanks to her raw but engaging and irreverently funny comedy sketches that connect with people through storytelling, she is one of the top female comedic video makers in Hawai'i. Without prejudging what other people might think, she creates her art and shares it knowing that it is changing the world one laugh at a time.

For more information:,,, @howsdisguy, @pashyn

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