Video: Driver leads Detroit police on chase, live streams it on Facebook

DETROIT (WXYZ/CNN) - A 23-year-old Michigan man who live streamed a police chase on Facebook is being held by Detroit police.

Deputies were on the lookout for the man's red pickup truck after he used a lighter to try to ignite some spilled fuel at a gasoline station.

Deputies in Macomb County spotted the suspect, whom police have not identified, and started to pursue him, but the driver wanted more attention from police and those commenting on Facebook.

“So, we heading to Detroit because Macomb County police don't want to pull me over,” the suspect said in the video.

"They were encouraging, applauding him for this senseless act. Certainly, there were others that were saying he should slow down, he should stop doing what he's doing. But there were those that were encouraging. And that's a problem for me,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Two officers, a 19-year veteran officer and a rookie, spotted the speeding pickup truck and went after it in an attempt to make a traffic stop.

But when it became clear the suspect was not going to slow down, Detroit police say they stopped following the pickup.

Then the unexpected happened.

"The suspect stopped, made a U-turn. And then at a high rate of speed, started coming in the direction of the officers -- head on,” said Craig.

He hit a police vehicle and drove off, but not far.

“As the officer was trying to figure out what just happened, the suspect reappears,” said Craig.

The police chief said the suspect turned around again and drove up behind the officers he'd just run into. That's when the officers placed him under arrest.

The officers both had knee injuries.

It wasn’t the first time this fleeing suspect has taken police on a wild ride. He was behind the wheel of an ambulance in 2017 after he took off from a hospital in Mount Clemens.

His girlfriend had dropped him off at the hospital because he was having a mental health crisis, but he ended up taking the ambulance.

He was charged but found not guilty by reason of insanity. He paid some fees earlier this year to get his driver’s license back.

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