Kailua neighborhood board votes to install cameras after veteran brutally beaten

Kailua neighborhood board votes to install cameras after veteran brutally beaten
Ikaika McCallum (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Kailua Neighborhood Board voted unanimously Thursday night to increase police presence, install cameras and improve the lighting at Kailua District Park.

The decision comes after the brutal beating of a Navy veteran in September.

Honolulu police said they have located possible suspects and conducted photo line-up but still no arrests.

With his attackers still on the loose, Ikaika McCallum is now trying to prevent this from happening to someone else.

"A lot of time has passed. So, I think with these things you kind of have to get on it sooner than later. But at this point we're probably just hoping to deter any future incidents," said McCallum.

More than a month later, the 29-year-old Purple Heart recipient still has nerve damage and swelling.

“As a veteran myself, I was shocked and disappointed but not surprised because the area is so dark with all the trees, there’s absolutely no light there,” said Kailua Neighborhood Board member Teresa Parsons.

A spokesman for the city park’s department said there are currently seven parks with 33 security cameras around the city.

He said they are planning on installing about 200 more cameras at 13 other parks island-wide but Kailua District Park is not one of those locations.

“I know that there's a lot for these people to take into consideration. They have a lot going on. Especially with other parks. We have a lot of parks here in Hawaii. But I think we need to focus the attention on places where there have actually been incidents that have occurred," McCallum said.

The city parks department installed LED lights at Kailua District Park last year but near the parking lot, not where McCallum was attacked.

The spokesman said they support more lighting and cameras it just needs to go through the process.

Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard wrote a letter to the area’s state representative saying officers will continue to monitor the area and take the appropriate enforcement action, but did not say if they will boost up patrol. She cited 96 citations for park closure and other violations and only one drug-related arrest.

“It’s bad enough to be happening in a park that’s right next to an elementary school and a middle school, but it’s a really sad commentary when this is happening in the backyard of a police station,” Senator Laura Thielen said.

A spokesman for the city if cameras were installed, they would not be monitored but they would record.

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