Janet Jackson sings along to local singer’s smash hit ‘Hawaii’

VIRAL VIDEO: Janet Jackson’s shout out to local singer

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Who knew international pop mega-star Janet Jackson was so in tune with hit Hawaiian music?

The 53-year-old musician posted a video message on Instagram Tuesday morning giving a shout out to local recording artist Ana Vee’s song “Hawaii.”

In the post, Jackson sings along with Ana to the tune of the song’s hook ― “H-A-W-A-I-I” ― then goes on to say she likes the song.

Ana Vee’s song dropped earlier this year and remains in heavy rotation on many radio stations in Hawaii.

Jackson’s Instagram post from Tuesday morning has already had nearly 75,000 views.

“I was like, ‘What!’" the singer-songwriter told Hawaii News Now during an interview Tuesday afternoon. "I’m still kind of shocked right now.”

“I’m just a local girl pursuing my dreams,” Vee wrote on her Instagram repost of Jackson’s video. “To have someone I listen to and look up to love a song of mine, that’s crazy. And I’m just feeling extremely blessed.”

Jackson wasn’t the only one to voice appreciation of the song, either. Grammy-nominated singer and actress Janelle Monae commented on Jackson’s post, saying simply: “Me too,” with a heart-eyes emoji.

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