Hele Mai with Pashyn & Zavier

Sponsored by Hele

Hele Mai with Pashyn & Zavier

To find out when and where Talk Story will be giving away free gas again, courtesy of Hele Gas, check @TalkStoryNow

About Hele: In Hawaiian, Hele literally means to go, move or come. To our brand, it means that and more. It represents our vision for a more contemporary and relevant gas station. It represents our commitment to quickness and convenience. Hele is the way we do things. We’re here to help you Hele on.

About Kama’aina Rewards: Save 15 cents per gallon on all grades of fuel with your registered Kama’aina Rewards card. Discount available Saturdays and Sundays only.

Kama'aina Rewards card must be REGISTERED to receive discount. Kama'aina Rewards card and registration is FREE. To register your Kama'aina Rewards card, visit kamaainarewards.com/login/register or call 1-866-270-0610. Discount is for limited time only and can end at anytime. Discount only available at these PARTICIPATING Kama'aina Rewards locations. go to kamaainarewards.com/promotions/15-cpg-weekend-gas-discount/ for more information.

For more information: helegas.com, facebook.com/HeleGas, parhawaii.com, @howsdisguy, @pashyn

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