Pashyn Santos’ Parody: ‘Local Maddahs’ wants you to drive with Aloha with Farmers Insurance

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Pashyn Santos' Parody: 'Local Maddahs' wants you to drive with Aloha with Farmers Insurance

Talk Story host McKenna Maduli ran into ‘Local Maddahs’ at an intersection on one of Hawaii’s roads. The caring mama took it upon herself to teach McKenna a little Hawai’i driving etiquette and the importance of driving with Aloha to save lives.

About Farmers Insurance:

The "Share the Road with Aloha" pledge is part of Farmers Hawaii's traffic safety program. Farmers Hawaii has been working with community members, non-profit organizations, schools, and the Honolulu Police Department for the past 10 years helping to encourage safe driving practices and raise community awareness of traffic safety issues.

What's Drive Safe, Local Style?

It's a way to incorporate the local culture and aloha spirit in traffic safety. Like, remain calm and throw da shaka… It's amazing how different people react and respond when they see the shaka. We're all aware that our roads are jammed packed. But a little bit of aloha goes a long way to make the commute more bearable.

Safety Tips: Traffic safety is a two-way street. We're all responsible for our safety and the safety of others. Drivers, Cyclists, Pedestrians…

Here are few tips:

- Pedestrians, please always remember to use marked crosswalks, look both ways, and establish eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. That's really key. Just because you have the right away to walk, doesn't mean the driver sees you. Don't just assume he or she will stop.

- Avoid walking distracted. There’s actually a new law called the Distracted Walking Law that was passed in 2017. Pedestrians can be cited for looking at a screen or texting while walking in a crosswalk.

And at night, wear reflective clothing or safety gear.

- Drivers, please slow down near crosswalks and intersections. Watch out and yield to people crossing streets. And stop further back from the crosswalk so that other drivers can see that you’re yielding to a pedestrian, especially for those mid-block crosswalks.

- Obey speed limits. Don't tailgate. And please use your blinkers to indicate a lane change. And let people in when they're changing lanes or merging.

- We know traffic is bad, but aggressive and dangerous driving will just make it worse. And speeding really doesn’t get you where you’re going much faster. Is getting there maybe five minutes faster really worth it, when the risk and severity of a crash increases significantly with speeding?

- Be prepared, don't drive impaired. Alcohol and drug-impaired crashes are preventable. If you're going out drinking, plan ahead: designate a driver, take a taxi, uber, or Lyft. Be a friend and don't let others drink and drive.

- Avoid driving distractions such as talking or texting on a cell phone. Drivers who text and drive increase the risk of a serious crash up to 23 times compared to drivers who don't text and drive. During the average 5 seconds a driver's eyes are off the freeway to respond to a wireless device, the driver has essentially traveled the distance of a football field blindfolded.

So remember, it is illegal to hold a cell phone or other mobile device while driving in the Aloha state. If you must answer the phone, pull over to a safe location before doing so. Or designate a passenger to answer your phone. And commit to driving without sending or receiving texts.

About Pashyn Santos:

Pashyn Santos born and raised in Hawai'i also known by her online alias and persona "Local Maddahs" and "Pidgin Siri," is a Hawaiian actress, comedian, and Internet personality.

This Kahuku graduate knew at an early age she was meant to be an entertainer. Though she has always been a performer dancing Tahitian and Hula, she got her start in social media doing spoofs of Jackass on RealPlayer and MySpace in 2003. She still has scars from those videos.

Her first actual comedic video wasn't uploaded to Vine until January 2014. Nearly 15 years later, Pashyn has become a local media star. She has nearly half a million followers on all her social media platforms including Vine, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, reaching millions weekly. And her reach has gone far beyond Hawaii with big audiences in the Philippines, Japan, Tahiti, and New Zealand.

Thanks to her raw, but engaging and irreverently funny comedy sketches that connect with people through storytelling, she is one of the top female comedic video makers in Hawai'i. Without prejudging what other people might think, she creates her art and shares it knowing that it is changing the world one laugh at a time.

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