The humble beginnings of Howdisguy, social media influencer and comedian Zavier Cummings 

The humble beginnings of Howdisguy, social media influencer and comedian Zavier Cummings

A new generation of comedians is sprouting up in Hawaii. 24-year-old Zavier Cummings was a small town Kauai native from Kapaa with big dreams. Now, he's known as Howdisguy and has hundreds of thousands of followers online.

As a kid Cummings says he was the class clown or jokester in the crowd. “I was always that cousin entertaining the family. I love to dance,” states Cummings. It all changed when he posted his first sketch on Facebook. That’s when comedy took center stage. “The next day (it) had close to 100,000 views and that’s where it all began,” said Cummings. Soon after, he created his Instagram account where he continued to post videos and has now gained over 100,000 followers.

"The success that has come along with me actually made me take the leap of faith. It kind of lit a fire under my butt, you know what I mean? And, just made me focus a lot more. I wanted to put out better content and just check the boxes that I had set out for myself."

One of Cummings’ more popular characters, “Sistah Moki,” is a favorite among fans, recognizable because of her four-foot dreadlocks and little pareo. And, his alter ego ‘Bradda Z,’ teaches a very unique fighting style he claims is often used on the streets of Hawai’i. These imaginative characters have come to fruition because of Cummings’ creativity, allowing him to express himself with laughter.

Two other big influences in Cummings’ comedy come from his family. “My dad or my grandpa, that’s where I get my comedy from. My grandpa would always be cracking jokes nonstop. He would actually keep me on my toes, you know what I mean? Like he’s so unexpected and quick-witted.” Cummings’ dad appears in many of his videos as well, goofing around and not afraid to laugh at himself.

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