BBB warns about video game pop up ads targeting kid gamers

BBB warns about video game pop up ads targeting kid gamers

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Pop up ads are not new, but lately the Better Business Bureau says they’ve noticed more of them appearing in video games, targeting kids.

The pop ups advertise other games, products or offer digital gifts to help kids playing. But in some cases, the ads have tricked gamers into scams.

“They’ll put up a pop up that’ll say ‘click here for free currency’ which is very tempting because this currency is what helps them get to the next level of the game," Roseann Freitas of the BBB says the kids who click on the pop up are often redirected to a third party app.

“That is usually where the scam is going to start," Freitas says they’ve had cases of the pop ups infecting the device, or convincing kids to put in personal information, even financial details.

The Better Business Bureau warns parents that games requiring internet connections often use these ads and parents should emphasize the dangers of clicking on them. Experts say kids need to be reminded that they should never give out personal information online and if they accidentally access one of the pop ups, they should speak up.

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