For the first time, Schatz calls on Congress to impeach president

For the first time, Schatz calls on Congress to impeach president
Senator Brian Schatz

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz joined growing calls among congressional Democrats for the president’s impeachment in the wake of allegations that he pressured Ukraine’s leader to help investigate political rival Joe Biden while withholding aid to the nation.

This is the first time Schatz has called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, his staff confirmed.

In a statement, Schatz said the president is "breaking statutory and constitutional law every day, and he is abusing his inherent power as president with regularity, enthusiasm, and most troublingly, impunity."

The statement continues:

“He and his legal team argue that a sitting president’s authorities are so vast that they literally transcend the law. They argue that the Congress has a remedy for this criminality and defiance – the impeachment process. If that is their view, so be it. On behalf of the people who elected us, we must formalize and accelerate the impeachment process so that Congress, by exercising its responsibility under Article 1 of the Constitution, can provide some measure of accountability.”

Trump has acknowledged the phone call with Ukraine’s leader and said he didn’t want to give money to the country ― if there were corruption issues.

Trump’s comments raised further questions about whether he improperly used his office to pressure the country into investigating the former vice president and his family as a way of helping his own reelection prospects.

The president, meanwhile, has denied telling the Ukraine president that his country would only get U.S. aid if it investigated Biden’s son.

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