Federal judge delays sentencing for Kealohas in public corruption case

Federal judge delays sentencing for Kealohas in public corruption case
The Kealohas leave federal court after learning of their guilty verdicts (Image: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A federal judge is delaying the sentencing for Louis and Katherine Kealoha.

The Kealohas will now be sentenced for conspiracy and obstruction on Oct. 31.

Louis Kealoha was initially set to be sentenced on Oct. 15, and Katherine Kealoha was scheduled for Oct. 11. But attorneys wanted to consolidate the two as the couple decides if plea offers from the government are worth taking.

“They handed us these plea agreements and said take it or leave it, which is a strange way to negotiate,” said Earle Partington, one of the Katherine’s attorneys.

The Kealohas were convicted of conspiracy and obstruction this past June in a public corruption case, along with two HPD officers, Bobby Nguyen and Derek Hahn.

The sentencing for Nguyen and Hahn has also been moved to Nov. 4.

The plea offers would require the Kealohas to admit to financial crimes of bank fraud and identity theft.

Partington says Katherine wants the government to drop Louis from that case, “They want to have someone out to look after their daughter as soon as possible.”

Katherine Kealoha is also facing a third trial for allegedly operating a drug ring with her brother. Her plea offer would mean she has to plead guilty in that case too.

“The real question is how tough is the government going to be?,” Partington said, “What the government is offering right now, essentially the Kealohas plead to everything and trust the government to do the right thing. I’m afraid I don’t trust the government.”

The court’s pre sentencing draft report recommends Katherine spend 11-14 years in prison for the so-called Mailbox trial. If she is convicted in the other two trials, she could get consecutive sentences. She is being held at the Federal Detention Center until the October 31 sentencing.

Partington also said Katherine is still battling cancer. She had part of a cancerous tumor removed from her neck years ago but Partington said the rest needs to be removed.

The government has accused her of faking illness before to gain sympathy.

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