Classic trade winds are here!

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Classic trade winds are here!
Tracking a typhoon swell building over west shores

We sure have been facing the heat this summer even when the winds switch out of a trade wind flow. It’s all a heat capacity equation. The high heat capacity of water has a great deal to do with regulating extremes in the environment. Water has a high heat capacity—it absorbs a lot of heat before it begins to get hot. You may not know how that affects you, but the heat capacity of water has a huge role to play in the Earth’s climate and this summer our surrounding waters have been slightly warmer than past years and that is why even with the trade winds we are experiencing above average temperatures due to the warmer waters surrounding the islands.

NWS Outlook: Increasingly stable easterly trade winds will build over much of the state tonight. Typical trade wind weather will prevail on Wednesday and Thursday, with showers focused over windward terrain on all islands and across leeward Big Island slopes each afternoon. Unstable conditions will develop on Friday and hold through the weekend, bringing increased chances for heavy showers.

OCEAN CONDITIONS: A series of small swells from the southwest, south, and southeast will continue to produce small surf along south facing shores through the week. The largest of these looks to be towards the end of the week as a long-period south-southwest swell and potential short-period west- southwest swell combine across the area. Surf heights are expected to be below advisory levels with these swells. East facing shores should see a slight increase in surf during the second half of the week as a mid-period east swell generated by Tropical Cyclone Kiko moves in. A small northwest swell is expected to fill in Saturday night into Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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