GRAPHIC: Possible blood tossed at California Senate in session, allegedly by anti-vaccine protester

SACRAMENTO (KCRA/CNN) - The California Senate had to stop their session Friday evening after a protester threw a red liquid from the upstairs gallery onto the legislative floor.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Please note that the image below may be disturbing to some people.

Some of the liquid landed on desks.

The Senate chambers were closed for hours as the California Highway Patrol did its investigation. A woman was arrested.

People who were inside the chambers when the red liquid was thrown from the upstairs gallery say the woman shouted something about dead babies before tossing the liquid onto the senate floor.

One senator posted a picture on Twitter showing the liquid was thrown from a menstrual cup.

The Senate session in California was stopped after a red liquid was hurled at lawmakers on Friday.
The Senate session in California was stopped after a red liquid was hurled at lawmakers on Friday. (Source: Capitol Public Radio/KCRA/CNN)

Dozens of anti-vaxxers gathered outside the capital for a vigil, many saying they do not support the action taken inside the Senate.

“Absolutetly deplorable, is disgusting," said Sandy, who didn’t give a last name. "Nobody here would condone that. All of our activities here this week have been peaceful. Even the parents that were arrested earlier in the week, it was very peaceful. It was trying to get the attention of the governor.”

After several hours, senators reconvened in a different committee room for the final hours of the legislative session.

The Senate President Pro Tem called the incident a crime, thanking her colleagues for their patience before getting back to work.

“This is unusual, obviously, but I have to say how proud I am, as the president pro tem of the Senate, that we can come together and focus on the job and the work can continue to do what our constituents sent us here to do," State Sen. Tony Atkins said.

“The people need to stand up and say, We would defend our democracy. We are not going allow people who try to interfere democracy by by basically attacking your elected representatives while we’re doing our jobs,” State Sen. Richard Pan said.

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