Hawaii Attorney General: Don’t buy ‘MeToo’ at-home rape kits

Hawaii Attorney General: Don’t buy ‘MeToo’ at-home rape kits
Hawaii State Attorney General Clare Connors (Image: Hawaii News Now/file)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Attorney General is telling people not to buy so-called “MeToo Kits” being marketed as the first at-home rape kits.

The New York-based company claims the kits are designed for sexual assault victims to collect evidence by themselves, outside of a medical facility.

But Attorney General Clare Connors said forensic exams can be done for free by a health care professional in Hawaii.

“Me Too Kit has provided no information to explain how these kits will be admissible in court and how the proper chain of custody will be followed,” Connors said, in a statement. “Though Me Too Kit has stated that they have consulted with prosecutors who approve of their kits, they have provided no names of individual prosecutors or state and national prosecutor associations who have endorsed the product.”

Connors is urging universities against distributing the kits, too.

Until recently, there had been a backlog of untested official rape kits in the state collected prior to 2016. But the Attorney General website said they’ve now all been tested.

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