From roaches to mosquitoes, ‘Da Bug Doctor’ uses household items to battle pests

Here’s how to win your war on bugs using common household items (according to a veteran exterminator)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Bug exterminator Andy Nowinski has waged war on insects for over 50 years. He calls his approach common sense control.

"The only way to control roaches and ants and other pests is to feed them to death or repel them," he said.

His secret weapons are household items like toilet bowl fresheners and rubbing alcohol.

He recommends dryer sheets to scare off insects because they can't stand the scent. If you're going for a hike put one in your cap.

“It repels all the mosquitoes,” he said.

Nowinski started experimenting with non-toxic bug control methods 20 years ago.

Moth balls are one of his favorite tools.

"Moth balls is a deterrent and a fumigant. Every time you empty your trash bins throw four moth balls in it. That fumigates whatever is in there and repels anything," he said.

Nowinski owned an exterminator company then he retired. Now as a consultant known as Da Bug Doctor he works with homeowners and businesses.

“I enjoy what I’m doing,” he said. “I’m trying to teach people you don’t need toxic chemicals.”

He said women can bug proof their purses by lining the bottom with a dryer sheet. Cockroaches eat makeup and the sheet's scent will turn them away.

"Where does a woman put her purse? Next to her in the restaurant, in the theater," he said.

He even has a remedy to shield a home from flying pests.

"What you want to do is change all your light bulbs to yellow bug light or amber light," he said.

Nowinski teaches “green” workshops with the Board of Water Supply. The next one is on Saturday at the Halawa Xeriscape Garden. Call 748-5315 to register.

To contact Nowinski directly email him at

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