Lab safety software implemented at UH

Lab safety software implemented at UH
Honolulu firefighter surveys damage after a 2016 lab explosion at UH Manoa (Source: Honolulu Fire Department)

MANOA, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The University of Hawaii at Manoa is reminding lab users about a lab safety software platform called “UH Safety Solutions," or UHSS.

It guides scientists through safety processes and allows them to identify and communicate known hazards.

Officials say the platform allows them to accurately and quickly manage chemicals; streamline inspections; identify trends and target resources; create lab groups; and assess lab hazards.

The platform was developed in response to a blast that left post-doctoral researcher Thea Ekins-Coward without part of her arm. She was conducting a routine experiment in March 2016, when a gas cylinder exploded.

Ekins-Coward filed suit against the University a year later, alleging the school was negligent. Honolulu firefighters later determined that the explosion was an accident.

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