Witness recalls weekend stabbing along the H-1 Freeway, while victim disputes self-defense claim

Witness recalls weekend stabbing along the H-1 Freeway, while victim disputes self-defense claim
H-1 Freeway westbound near the Palama off ramp

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Elijah Manners says he was driving home Sunday evening when he suddenly stopped along the H-1 Freeway westbound near the Palama off-ramp.

"Two cars in front of me I hear screaming, a woman, 'He has a knife! Somebody got stabbed! My son! My son!' So immediately I just jumped out. I wasn't even thinking," said Manners.

Manners says he calmly approached a car where he found a man with a knife.

“I was trying to calm him down,” Manners said. “You have the knife? Yes. Throw it out.’ He did. So, I come around by the driver side, get him out the car. Put his hands on the roof of the car, pat him down. Take everything out of his pockets. He had another knife. So, I grabbed that. I threw that along with the other knife on the ground.”

Manners says Oie told him he got boxed in on the freeway and a man tried to yank him out of his vehicle and that he was acting in self-defense.

Jedwin Tesoro-Montero, 24, was stabbed in his torso.

Tesoro-Montero received 20 stitches and is now recovering at home.

Tesoro-Montero’s sister says Oie cut them off near Manoa and tried to ram them off the road with their four-year-old nephew in the car.

“After he hit my brother’s car, that’s when my brother got out of the car and knocked on his window and told him to come out because he wanted to get his information because of the accident,” said Jeadalyn Tesoro.

Jeadalyn says Oie’s self-defense claim is bogus.

"I don't think it's self-defense because one, once my brother seen him with the knife, my brother ran away, and the stabbing happened behind his back. So that is not self-defense because it really shows that my brother was trying to get away and run," Tesoro said.

University of Hawaii law professor Ken Lawson says the case hinges on independent witnesses who were there that night.

“If it’s true that he brings out the knife and they start running away, then you got to stop,” said Lawson. "That’s why the independent witnesses are always important in self-defense cases,” he said.

Oie was not charged and has since been released pending investigation.

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