Report: The average Oahu driver spends 64 hours in congestion each year

Updated: Aug. 23, 2019 at 12:59 PM HST
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ever wondered how much time you’re wasting in traffic?

A new report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute crunched the numbers and ― fair warning ― the results are pretty depressing.

As part of the 2019 Urban Mobility Report, the institute found that the average Oahu driver spends 64 hours ― or more than two and half days ― in congestion each year.

That’s up from 53 hours of congestion annually in 2009, and 29 hours annually in 1989.

Worse: The average number of hours Oahu drivers are stuck in traffic each year was the sixth highest among all urban areas across the nation.

Los Angeles came in at no. 1, where the average driver spends 119 hours (or nearly five days) a year in congestion. San Francisco was no. 2 with 103 hours of congestion, while Washington, D.C. was third.

Nationally, the average annual congestion tally was 54 hours.

The report notes that congestion isn’t just costing commuters in time, but in money.

It estimates that congestion costs the average Oahu commuter $1,260 a year, including an additional 29 gallons of gas.

Multiplied by all Oahu’s drivers that translates to $689 million in congestion costs annually and 15.7 million gallons of wasted fuel.

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