Local Connection: TMT and Hawaii’s Statehood Anniversary

(Hawaii News Now (custom credit))
Published: Aug. 19, 2019 at 2:53 PM HST
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -The occupation of the Mauna Kea Access road entered its second month last week at the same time our state entered its seventh decade.

You have to wonder what that next decade will be like – given the disheartening place we are today.

The telescopes many called pimple on the mountain are examples of the highest of human aspiration.

So were the voyages of the original navigators who found Hawaii in the center of the vast ocean – guided by the very stars that are being studied today.

But now – we are told that the modern star-gazers are desecrators. This slur unfairly focuses anger on innocent and well-intentioned people.

Astronomers and telescopes cannot be compared to those who stole Hawaii’s sovereignty, corrupted the homelands program, abused the Ali’i trusts, and misused ceded lands. They weren’t really even responsible for past mismanagement of Mauna Kea.

These historic grievances took place over decades and could take nearly as long to reverse.

Turning away the TMT may make a few people feel good for the moment – while damaging Hawaii’s reputation and economy for years to come, and doing literally nothing to address the legitimate grievances of the Hawaiian people.

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