Local Connection: Raised Crosswalks Across Oahu

Local Connection: Raised Crosswalks Across Oahu
(Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -The state Department of Transportation installed its second set of raised crosswalks last week on Farrington Highway near Waianae High School.

The first set has been in place since May on Kalihi Street between Dillingham and North King.

The impact is pretty dramatic, and a real shock for drivers who aren’t paying attention and get caught by surprise by the table top crosswalks.

Some drivers complain that the obstructions are a hazard unto themselves and disrupt the usual flow of traffic.

Of course – that's the point. Both of these areas are 25-mile-per hour zones with schools nearby and a history of pedestrian accidents. And the speed limits have been ignored for too long.

With a short-staffed police department and the failure of many drivers to change dangerous habits on their own, these kinds of engineering solutions will become more and more common.

The state deserves credit for putting safety first – even at the risk of making a few people angry.

The city should also adopt more of these obvious and inexpensive safety features.

And drivers – get used to it, and accept that going a few miles an hour slower is a small price to pay for saving lives.

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