Waimanalo woman says a man tricked her into making her yard an illegal dumpsite

Waimanalo landowner says she's being victimized by illegal dumping

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Waimanalo resident said she’s the victim of illegal dumping by a notorious operator of outlaw junkyards.

Dayna Hu said three weeks ago a man asked her if he could cut her grass. But after he finished the job, he kept coming back, dumping junked cars, construction equipment and broken air conditioners on her front yard.

She said he even dumped old propane tanks and broken air conditioners, which could contain toxic substances.

“I never said he could bring this stuff here. Why would I want all his junk in here? Broken lawnmowers, backhoes ... nothing, nothing works," she said.

Hu said she called police but they couldn’t do anything because at the time she didn’t know his name.

But she now believes his name is David Kromer. She identified him from a 2016 Hawaii News Now story.

Back then, Kromer was accused of doing the same thing in Waialua, only on a much grander scale. Residents there alleged he dumped hundreds of cars on the 17-acre parcel along Kaukonahua Road.

The city issued more than $1 million in fines to the landowner, even though the landowner had nothing to do with dumping.

They eventually settled by paying just $10,000. Kromer -- who calls himself “Santa” -- hasn’t been fined yet although the city says that investigation is ongoing.

“The law should be pursuing the person who is unlawfully dumping it. Whoever owns the property, that’s secondary," said environmental activist Carroll Cox.

“What’s the deterrent. What’s there to discourage this kind of behavior.”

Yesterday, Dayna Hu filed for a temporary restraining order against Kromer. We were unable to find Kromer and his former attorney said they were no longer in contact.

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