California man seeks owner of missing card with Hawaii wedding photos

California man seeks owner of missing SD card with Hawaii wedding photos

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A California man is on a quest to find the owner of a missing SD card that has hundreds of photos and video of a wedding that took place in Hawaii.

Michael Trollman, whose hobby is finding lost valuable buried in the sand, told KCAL-TV he was scanning Huntington Beach with a metal detector last week when he came across the card.

On it: video of a wedding on a boat in waters off Oahu as well as photos of the happy newlyweds and their friends. The video and photos were dated May 27.

“Right away I thought I need to return this the owner — just like if it was a ring or something,” Trollman said.

Trollman still hasn’t found the owners. But KCAL said the SD card contained images of the couple holding up a wedding certificate with the names Alex Ilmain and Shan Lu.

Trollman is hoping to get the word out to reunite the couple with the precious memories.

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