A year after city cleared trash from hoarder home, the mess is back

A year after city cleared trash from hoarder home, the mess is back

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Makiki residents are fed up over a never-ending hoarder home.

Last August, 28 truckloads of waste weighing 45 tons were thrown out from 1421 Pensacola Street. The city cleared the trash at a price tag of $13,120.

A year later, mounds of trash are again building at the abandoned house.

Neighbors say homeless have found themselves a new home and are bringing their trash with them.

"All they need is one cigarette or one match to go there and poof! That whole place goes up and then we go up too,” said Muskie Manu-Sparks.

Manu-Sparks has lived next door to the neglected property for 10 years.

She says not only are the rats back, but vagrants are now running extension cords to their homes stealing their power and taking belongings from their patios.

"We have to stand guard outside of our house nighttime. Just to make sure it's safe," she said.

The property owner, Rollin Yee, is getting fined by the city for overgrowth and litter — at a rate of $500 a day.

He has accrued nearly $240,000 in fines so far.

The city’s Department of Planning and Permitting says because squatters now live there, it becomes a police matter. But the Honolulu Police Department says the property owner, or their agent must make a complaint.

Neighbors say they haven’t seen the owner in over a year.

"He just went on the streets. Sometimes I see him like crossing the sidewalks between Punchbowl and Beretania, or sometimes I see him at Sam’s Club,” said Gail Nakaza.

DPP says there is a lien on the property so it could collect the fines if it is sold.

The city could foreclose, but a spokesman said they are still hoping the owner will fix things.

“The city needs to do something,” Manu-Sparks said. “We are paying citizens of Hawai’i and we pay our taxes and everything and we deserve to have this changed.”

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