Local Connection: Hawaii’s Hurricane Season

Local Connection: Hawaii’s Hurricane Season
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -Last week we got a potent reminder that Hurricane season is well underway. Two storms got close enough to affect our island climate, but they did exactly as predicted and passed or faded without severe weather.

There are some who complain that reporting on storms that ultimately miss the islands causes complacency, or that the reporting is meant to increase ratings.

We are concerned about that as well. We don’t want to cause false fears. And besides, purposely overstating the risk would eventually erode the most important feature of our relationship with you -- trust.

Climate predicting technology and our ability to present those predictions clearly and accurately is constantly improving. That’s why we are aware of developing storms earlier than ever before, and face the dilemma of deciding when to share that information.

Our philosophy is to report what we know when we know there is a potential threat, and not overstate it. It’s as simple as that. And with the changing climate, its likely that there will be more and more threatening storms.

What we can’t control is what those storms are going to do or how people are going to react to our reports. For most people, the information is welcome and helpful in making plans and keeping their families safe.

And that is our most important responsibility.

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