Convicted child sex trafficker charged in armed robbery of tourists in Manoa

Police investigating after 4 visitors robbed at gunpoint in Manoa

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A convicted sex trafficker was charged Wednesday in connection with the armed robbery of four tourists in Manoa earlier this week.

Quadralis Watson, 35, was charged with first-degree robbery and four counts of gun crimes.

Hawaii News Now obtained cell phone video of the arrest on Monday, which shows a shirtless Watson in handcuffs.

Watson, who goes by the nickname “Danger,” served almost 10 years in federal prison for child sex trafficking and was released in May.

Watson was in the passenger seat of a Mercedes SUV that Honolulu police say matched the vehicle used in the robbery earlier that day. Officers surrounded it on Kuhio Avenue.

The driver of that vehicle was Isaiah McCoy, a well-known figure to Honolulu’s law enforcement community. McCoy, a death row exoneree turned activist, said police “swarmed the vehicle” with guns drawn seconds after he got into the car with Watson.

Death row exoneree Isaiah McCoy claims another incident of racial profiling in Hawaii
Death row exoneree Isaiah McCoy claims another incident of racial profiling in Hawaii

He says HPD drove the tourists to their location in Waikiki to identify them.

“One by one they brought vehicles up that had the alleged victims of the crime," McCoy said. "Maybe six vehicles in all, four victims and two witnesses. I was cleared by every vehicle.”

Only Watson was identified. McCoy was not arrested.

And now he’s calling the incident a case of racial profiling and mistaken identity.

McCoy was not only freed from death row in Delaware in 2017. Here in Hawaii, a judge dismissed all charges of trafficking, promoting prostitution, and intimidating witnesses last year.

McCoy told HNN on Wednesday that he asked the officers for his phone, wallet and other items from inside the Mercedes SUV when he was told he could leave, but his request was denied.

“You forced me out of the vehicle, I did not abandon my property and I immediately requested my property once I was cleared,” McCoy said. He called that an illegal search and seizure.

Sources say police did find a gun in the car, which matched the victims’ description of the weapon used. Watson will appear before a judge on Thursday.

A woman in the car, 33-year-old Stacy Klaas, was also arrested.

Sources say she was on surveillance video using one of the Manoa robbery victims’ credit card. She was released pending investigation.

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