Local Connection: Mass Shootings on American Soil

Local Connection: Mass Shootings on American Soil
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -The two mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton remind us that within America’s boundaries, we have more to fear from other Americans than international terrorists.

The people who died and many more who were injured were innocent victims – as are their grieving friends and family. Its hard to imagine any way to comfort them.

But something needs to change.

We can never know for sure what forces can twist a persons' mentality to the point where their hatred turns to mass murder.

But its possible that their racist impulses are being triggered by words, rhetoric that somehow tells them that their deviant thinking is endorsed.

That connection is hard to prove – but the mere possibility that public statements targeting immigrants, or minority groups or other religions could cause violence should be enough to tone it down.

The reality of the internet and its ability to amplify this kind of hate speech demands added vigilance and restraint online as well.

The lethality of the shootings – the ease at which a killer can possess enough military-grade weaponry to kill many people very quickly is also an issue which needs to be addressed.

There may not be a single solution to this scourge in our country. But for the sake of the dead and wounded and their families – we have to try.

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