Check your mail: The Office of Elections is sending out important postcards

Check your mail: The Office of Elections is sending out important postcards
This is what the voter registration confirmation postcards look like. Voters will be receiving them in the mail soon. (Source: Hawaii Office of Elections)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - It’s not quite election season just yet, but Hawaii voters can expect to see some election-related mail soon.

The office of elections is mailing out postcards confirming registration information as the state prepares for next year’s election.

For the first time ever, every voter will automatically be given the option to mail in their ballots.

The postcards mailed out reads, “Hawaii votes by mail starting in 2020. All properly registered voters will automatically receive their ballot approximately 18 days prior to the election. If your voter registration is up to date, no further action is required.”

Voters are encouraged to ensure their mailing and contact information is up to date. To do so, click here.

Election officials are also asking that the postcard be returned to the Clerk’s Office if a recipient no longer resides or receives mail at a given address.

Officials said voter list maintenance is conducted in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

Hawaii has a disappointing voter turnout rate. Over 760,000 Hawaii residents are registered to vote, and mail-in voting is one way election officials are working to up the amount of ballots cast.

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