Electric company on Maui sees decade-high rise in demand

Electric company on Maui sees decade-high rise in demand
(Image: Hawaii News Now/file)

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - Maui Electric Company is experiencing the highest energy demand it has had in more than a decade.

The Maui News reported Sunday that officials cite increased use of fans and air conditioning throughout an ongoing heat wave as possible reasons.

The company says energy peaks have been climbing each month since spring, with July producing the biggest demand so far this year.

National Weather Service data indicates the heat wave began in April, when eight record-breaking days of high temperatures occurred in the Kahului area on Maui.

A company official says that "peaks are higher" possibly because home cooling units are being turned to higher levels and left on longer.

The official says a lack of wind energy has also required power generators to operator for longer periods.

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