What’s Trending: Top Gun Maverick releases first trailer

Projected Release Date: June 2020

What's Trending: Top Gun: Maverick releases first trailer

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Everybody in the newsroom geeked out yesterday when the new trailer came out for Top Gun: Maverick. It will be released June of next year...34 years after the original. No “Danger Zone” in there...but apparently Kenny Loggins re-recorded the song so it’s suppposed to be in the new movie. Hopefully it’s not TOO different. Maverick is now a flight instructor, with one of his students’ being Goose’s son.

Tom Cruise shocked everyone by dropping the trailer at ComiCon yesterday. He said - quote - “all the flying you see in this picture is real.” Tom Cruise assured fans that no CGI was involved in the movie; only the real stuff — just like in the old days.

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