‘It keeps you young’: Retired Athletics Trainer Jayson Goo reflects on over 30 seasons in Manoa

Longtime Athletic trainer Jayson Goo retires after over 30 seasons in Manoa

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - One of the most storied careers in Hawaii athletics came to an end last month.

Athletic trainer Jayson Goo retired, after over 30 seasons at the University of Hawaii, leaving behind memories and moments in UH sports history he’ll carry for a lifetime.

As he walks through the halls of the Stan Sheriff Center, the good times are easy to point out.

“In 1988 we went to the N.I.T.” Goo said while addressing a placard on the wall. “I spent nearly 18 seasons with the basketball team.”

For 35 years 'Jay’ Goo worked the sidelines from Aloha stadium, to the Stan Sheriff, to soccer fields at the Waipio Soccer Peninsula.

He first arrived in Manoa in 1975, an began his tenure helping rehabilitating student athletes return to the playing field.

“When I got here my job was to work with the injured athletes," Goo said. “I got pretty good at working an getting guys back to play.”

In the beginning of his career Goo primarily worked with the UH men’s athletic programs, but in the early 2000′s he was reassigned to women’s soccer and basketball.

Overtime the new position allowed Goo to see a transformation in the landscape of collegiate athletics.

“I was really fortunate when I started working with women’s soccer," Goo said. “I’ve got to see the growth of women’s athletics and how female athletes are becoming much better at understanding the game."

But the hardwood is where Jayson Goo was most at home. The 2019 Senior class honored the trainer at mid court alongside his friends and family.

“I was surprised to have that kind of reception," Goo said. "I was just going to walk and say ‘thanks’ but to get that full blown reception it was nice.”

There are not many people as embedded in the fabric of Hawaii sports as Goo.

As he closes the book on a over three decade long story featuring thousands of athletes, he believes the real reward is in the success the players achieve when sports is over.

“To see them develop after they leave here is even more amazing," Goo said. "You think of them at the time as athletes trying to get through school, but to see them succeed in life is always nice to see.”

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