On deadline day, Gov. Ige announces list of vetoed bills from 2019 session

On deadline day, Gov. Ige announces list of vetoed bills from 2019 session

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - In a press conference at the State Capitol on Tuesday, Gov. David Ige revealed the list of 18 bills he has decided to veto this legislative session ― along with two he is allowing to become law without his signature.

Gov. Ige announces which bills he intends to veto after 2019 legislative session

The following is the list of bills passed by the state legislature this year that Gov. Ige says he intends to veto:

  • HB290, Relating to the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
    • Authorizes qualifying patients to transport medical cannabis between islands for personal medical use.
  • HB323, Relating to Motor Vehicle Registration
    • Would enable owners of certain former military vehicles to register the vehicles for use on public roadways.
  • HB323, Relating to Education
    • Requires Board of Education approval be obtained prior to the termination of a Department of Education complex area superintendent.
  • HB629, Relating to Medical Release
    • Creates a program that would allow inmates with terminal or debilitating diseases to be released before the expiration of their sentence.
  • HB655, Relating to Health
    • Designates September as Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month.
  • HB702, Relating to Satellite Navigation Technology
    • Prohibits the sale or offering for sale of location data that is recorded without the explicit consent of the individual who is the primary user of the device.
  • HB748, Relating to Property Forfeiture
    • Prohibits civil asset forfeiture unless the owner of the property has been convicted of a felony conviction.
  • HB1032, Relating to State Boating Facilities
    • Would establish a pilot program allowing the privatization of the Manele Small Boat Harbor on Lanai.
  • HB1133, Relating to marine Life Conservation Districts
    • Limits the number of commercial use permits for the Molokini Shoal marine life conservation district.
  • HB1276, Relating to Education
    • Establishes a number of programs that are intended to standardize best practices in Hawaii’s public schools.
  • SB92, Relating to Police Reports
    • Would allow surviving family members of murder or manslaughter victims to receive a copy of the closing police report following an investigation into the criminal offenses.
  • SB301, Relating to Taxation of Real Estate Investment Trusts
    • Would change taxation regulations for a specific type of trusts, known as REITs, that have controlling ownership in large real estate holdings like Ala Moana Shopping Center.
  • SB1292, Relating to Transient Accommodations
    • Would require hosting platforms to collect general excise and transient accomodation taxes.
  • SB1353, Relating to Industrial Hemp
    • Establishes an industrial hemp licensing program, required before an industrial hemp plan can be approved by the USDA.
  • SB1405, Relating to Electronic Smoking Products
    • Requires public school educators to confiscate e-cigarettes or other similar devices from students.
  • SB1423, Relating to Payment of Bail
    • Allows defendants to pay bail on a 24/7 basis ― and allows them to be released from custody upon posting or paying of bail.
  • SB1459, Relating to the State Surfing Commission
    • Establishes temporary State Commission on Surfing, to promote surfing internationally and within the state.
  • SB130, Relating to Hawaii Community Development Authority
    • Changes financing means for HCDA for use in transferring control of Kakaako Community Development District to the City and County of Honolulu.

Additionally, Gov. Ige said he was going to allow to become law without his signature:

  • SB33, Relating to Economic Development
    • Increases annual rolling cap for the motion picture and film production tax credit from $35M to $50M.
  • SB551, Relating to Condominiums
    • Clarifies the right of condominium associations to conduct non-judicial foreclosures.

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