Michael Bennett’s 7th Annual Gauntlet Camp is more than just football

Michael Bennett’s 7th Annual Gauntlet Camp is more than just football

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Gauntlet Football Camp is a personal mission for the New England Patriots defensive lineman Michael Bennett. Paying it forward with not just his football knowledge but also life experiences is paramount, which is why he keeps putting on free camps to Hawaii’s next generation of football players.

Today’s 7th annual Gauntlet Camp saw over 600 keiki ages 7-18 flock to Pearl City High School not just to learn how to play football from one of the NFL’s premier defensive players, but also to learn about life lessons in the process.

“It means everything,” Bennett said. “Muhammed Ali said it best: ‘Our service to people is our rent on Earth.’ The rent that we pay is a service for people around us.”

Joining Bennett in his mission was Waianae native and San Francisco 49er DeForest Buckner, Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and former UH football legend Ma’a Tanuvasa to name a few.

Having some of his mentors around him at this year’s camp was special for Bennett and he hopes that the kids in attendance took advantage of it.

“Getting the opportunity to be here and give back is just what I love doing. These kids, they’re all going to be leaders, they’re all going to be something someday and they’re going to need people to plant seeds in their life about commitments and being able to be great people,” Bennett said. “And I think the opportunity happened today at this camp. It’s not really that much about football, it’s really about making boys into men and young girls into women, about being great leaders in their society.”

For more information of Bennett’s camp and The Bennett Foundation, click here.

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