Local Connection: Guilty Verdict for the Kealohas

Local Connection: Guilty Verdict for the Kealohas
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -The 12 jurors in the Kealoha Mailbox case sent an important message to our community with their decision to convicted Louis and Katherine Kealoha and two police officers – in a conspiracy to frame Katherine’s uncle.

First, even though there were concerns about whether the Kealohas could get a fair trial, legal experts said their verdict was clearly based on a fair hearing of the evidence.

The fact that they acquitted one defendant and rejected counts against the others showed they were objective and conscientious.

But what really spoke volumes was the speed and certainty of their decision. They needed just about eight hours to deliberate a case that spanned weeks and scores of witnesses.

Regardless of whether they intended to, the quick verdict shows that there was no ambivalence, no doubt that the behavior of the Kealoha’s and these officers needed quick and severe consequences.

It’s refreshing to know that in the end, justice was delivered by 12 regular people who knew right from wrong, and did not hesitate when their moment came to stand up for us all.

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