International Surfing Day celebrated with statewide beach clean-ups

Hawaiians celebrate International Surfing Day with beach clean-ups

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Saturday marked International Surfing Day, and many celebrated by beautifying the waters they enjoy.

The Surfrider Foundation planned 200 global beach clean-up events across the Hawaiian Islands.

In Waikiki, volunteers took part in an early morning paddle-out, followed by a trash pick-up.

"The whole theme of today is 'protect and enjoy,’ so it's not just about coming out and doing a beach cleanup, said Mitch McEwen, brand manager at Hawaiian Island Creations.

“It’s about also enjoying yourself, getting out in the surf - we got a great swell running - enjoying that."

Organizers say microplastics are one of the biggest sources of pollution in our waters.

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