Man allegedly offered to pay $9 million for Alaska woman’s slaying

Alaska woman mourned; six arrested for her death

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU/Gray News) - A grand jury in Anchorage indicted six suspects for the June 2 killing of Cynthia Hoffman. Among the defendants is 21-year-old Darin Schilmiller of Indiana, who allegedly offered to pay another defendant $9 million in exchange for recording the murder, KTUU reported.

Court documents allege that Schilmiller’s offer to 18-year-old Denali Brehmer was the driving force behind the crime, according to the Alaska Department of Law.

Schilmiller allegedly offered to pay Brehmer $9 million or more to carry out the murder and send him videos or photographs of the crime, according to a press release.

Hoffman, 19, was found dead along the river bank near Thunderbird Falls on June 4. An initial investigation revealed that Brehmer and Kayden McIntosh brought Hoffman to the falls and duct-taped her mouth, hands and feet. Brehmer told police she had a gun with her, but told McIntosh to shoot Hoffman in the back of the head.

Schilmiller was also alleged to have molested children as young as eight years old, and was connected to the case after pornographic photos were found of underage girls on Brehmer’s phone. Schilmiller is in the custody of the FBI.

McIntosh, 16, and Caleb Leyland, 19, both of Anchorage were indicted, as well as two unnamed juvenile defendants.

The six defendants face first- and second-degree murder charges, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. Each of the murder charges carry 99-year sentences.

Schilmiller and Brehmer also face a charge for solicitation to commit murder, and Brehmer and McIntosh were indicted for tampering with evidence.

Except for Schilmiller, who is being held outside of the state awaiting extradition, the named defendants will be arraigned on Tuesday. The state is not releasing any information on the unnamed defendants.

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