VIDEO: Group of young people ransacks, burglarizes Honolulu home

Group of youths caught on camera ransacking Punchbowl home

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A family is on edge after a group of young people burglarized their Punchbowl home in broad daylight.

Tim Lynch said his home was ransacked early in the evening Friday, right around the time most people are coming home from work.

His son and his son’s girlfriend had just flown back to Honolulu from college and when they all got to the house, they knew right away what had happened.

Lynch said the burglars had broken into the home through a window.

Inside, the family discovered what had been taken: Two iPads, several other expensive electronics, some clothing and something that belonged to Tim’s son’s girlfriend.

“They took her laptop with all of her school work on it from college. About $3,000 of just the laptop itself,” Lynch said.

The most disturbing thing about the burglary, though, was who was responsible for it.

Lynch said he reviewed his home security footage and found that more than a dozen young people "went over the fence and opened the gate and were starting to walk up the street and started to look at our property as to how they wanted to break into it,” said Lynch,

After casing the Lynch home, many kept walking but more than a few came back — some acting as lookouts, while at least two entered the home with their faces covered.

“I was quite honestly expecting it to be just maybe one person going through the house," Lynch said.

“But to see that gang of young kids and pretty much doing whatever they want and looking at the video it seems they were pretty organized with what they were doing and their methodology.”

It was nearly a full 15 minutes from start to finish that they had free rein of Lynch’s home.

Lynch said he’s sharing his experience so others are aware.

“I want the public to know what’s going on and to just be aware of it," he said.

“I’m concerned because in our neighborhood there is a lot of elderly people that walk by that have lived here for decades and it could have been somebody’s grandma that this happened to.”

The Lynch family provided HPD with good quality photos of the teens that broke into his home.

If you have any additional information, you’re asked to call Honolulu CrimeStoppers at 955-8300.

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