Colo. high school cancels graduation ceremony over security dispute

Colo. high school cancels graduation ceremony over security dispute
Some students in Colorado face the prospect of no graduation ceremony. (Source: Pexels)

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KDVR/CNN) - Students at Victory Preparatory Academy are being told their graduation ceremony is canceled.

A robocall to their homes said school officials had security concerns because of incidents at other schools throughout the year.

According to that call, the school tried to get security help from the city's police force, but they only agreed to supply two officers.

Police said that’s because the charter school refused to sign a standard contract.

Some parents say it's ridiculous this detail wasn't ironed out a lot sooner.

"As far as the lack of police protection? That's between the school and the police,” said Joel Flores, a student’s father.

Graduation canceled at Colo. high school over security

“It was reported that he had refused to sign a contract. So that's the parents fault? That's the students' fault? So go ahead, crush their dreams for not following through and being responsible enough to coordinate these things way before the graduation. They knew they were going to graduate a year ago!"

There's no word on whether the ceremony will be rescheduled.

Some students are reporting the school is planning to send diplomas to their homes.

Parents and students are planning their own celebrations.

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